• Ni Pacolet Milliken Utilities (Ni) (formerly Ni America and recognized as Palmetto Utilities), is one of several companies within the energy group of Pacolet Milliken, LLC, a family-owned company.
  • Ni is a regulated wastewater and water utility company serving customers in South Carolina and Florida.
  • Since 2010, Ni has profitably grown to become the largest wastewater Investor Owned Utility (“IOU”) in South Carolina.
  • Our headquarters is located in Elgin, South Carolina. Ni companies included Palmetto Utilities, the largest privately held single wastewater utility in South Carolina, Palmetto of Richland County, Ni Florida and Palmetto Wastewater Reclamation.
  • In 2017, the SC Public Service Commission approved a merger of Palmetto Utilities and Palmetto of Richland County. The new company operates as Palmetto Utilities. Palmetto Wastewater Reclamation and Ni Florida continue to operate as separate entities. Pacolet Milliken’s model is to acquire and improve poorly run systems which have potential for growth and extended service opportunities.
What does being a customer of Ni Pacolet Milliken Utilities mean to you?

Peace of Mind

One of the benefits of our utility consolidation process is to give families peace of mind.

That is the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your water and wastewater provider has the experience and dedication necessary to maintain a safe, reliable distribution system and to continually comply with all state and federal water quality regulations. We believe that our customers deserve the same quality of service as that provided by the much larger city waterworks.


Commitment to Service, Water Quality and Wastewater Treatment

The quality of drinking water is extremely important to us. Many significant measures and investments are made to ensure that the water supplied to our customers is safe to drink.

These begin with the protection of our water sources and continues with the quality control in the water treatment process and the maintenance of the distribution system. We apply the same standards to the wastewater collection system and wastewater treatment to benefit both our customers and the environment.

Our commitment to maintaining regulatory standards in all of our systems means a safe, clean water supply and a healthy living environment. Our customers enjoy responsiveness to service calls and billing questions, proper water pressure and capacity, and trouble free wastewater services.


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