Alpine and Woodlands Capital Improvements


Since August 2011, capital improvements totaling nearly $10MM (including over $800K in flood related expenditures) have been made to our Alpine and Woodlands wastewater treatment plants, underground collection system, and quality control mechanisms.

Alpine System
  • Additional Clarifier and Digesters
  • Installation of new bar screen
  • New Floating Aeration Rotors
  • Extended and repaired plant walls
  • Implemented high tech cleaning and repair collection system
  • New Jet system to flush pipe and clean up after repair
  • Installed “Auto-Dialer” alarm/monitors
  • Cleared easements/right-of-ways
  • Implemented Grease Trap Program (new installation and inspections for all food service establishments; residential customer awareness)
Woodland Lagoon Improvements
  • Additional Blower
  • Perimeter Clearing
  • Gravel Surfacing (reinforcement of berm)