Alpine/Woodland System


1713 Woodcreek Farms Road
Elgin, S.C. 29045

Phone: (803) 699-2422
Fax: (803) 699-2423

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 4:30PM

Answering Service is available for after hours and emergencies.

service areas

Alpine / Woodland (“Palmetto Wastewater Reclamation (PWR)”): Adjacent wastewater utilities located northwest of Columbia comprising a ~10 square mile service territory.



Visit our office Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM or the after hours drop box located at 1713 Woodcreek Farms Road, Elgin, SC 29045. We accept most payment methods except American Express.  A copy of the driver's license, permit, or state issued I.D. is required for check payments.


We offer automatic bank draft from your checking account. The account will be drafted on the 15th of every month for the amount that is due on the account. If you would like to sign up, fill out the Automatic Draft Form and return it to our office with a voided check. You can mail the form and check to us or return it in person to our office at 1713 Woodcreek Farms Road, Elgin, SC 29045.


Mail payments to:
1713 Woodcreek Farms Road
Elgin, SC 29045

Make sure to make checks payable to PALMETTO WASTEWATER RECLAMATION LLC, include your complete 13-digit account number on the check, and include the remittance coupon with the amount of the payment.


Click here to pay your bill online. For first time users, please see the registration instructions to set up your account.


If you make payments through your bank’s billpay service, please make sure the payee is PALMETTO WASTEWATER RECLAMATION LLC and that your 13-digit account number and service address are accurate on the payment. Incorrect information will delay processing of your payment. Allow 7-10 business days for your payment to be processed.

  • If you are making a payment for more than one company (for example you have a home in the Palmetto Utilities area and one in the Palmetto Wastewater Reclamation area) you will need to send separate checks for each company. We cannot accept checks paying for different companies on the same check. Your check will be returned, therefore your payment will be delayed resulting in late fees, etc.
  • If you are paying multiple accounts with the same check, it is important that you send a remittance coupon for each account you are paying with any differences in the amount due and the amount paid noted on the remittance coupons.
  • Please do NOT send any correspondence regarding address changes, questions about your account and/or bill, customer service issues, etc. with your payment. All customer service inquiries should be addressed by calling our customer service office at 803-699-2422 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM M-F or by sending an email to

Customer Service FAQ’s

In order to set up new service, you will need to complete a New Customer Form and provide us with a copy of the Closing Document/Lease Agreement and a state issued identification card. We can email or fax the form to you and you can scan and email or fax it back to us. You may also complete the paperwork in our office. The application processing fee will be added to your first bill or can be paid by cash or money order at the time the application is completed.

You may mail in your payment, pay in our office, leave a check or money order in our drop box or pay online. We accept all forms of payment except American Express. You can pay online by clicking here. We can email you instructions to register your account to pay online, or you may call us and we can walk you through the process. *If your services have been disconnected, you will be required to pay by cash, money order or certified funds.

To close your account, you will need to complete a Closed Account Form. We will need to know if you owned the property or if you were leasing it. We would also need to know if the property was sold if you were the owner, and the date you want to close your account. Lastly, we would need your forwarding address, current email address and contact number, so that the final billing statement can be sent to you.

To set up a payment arrangement, we will require a down payment of at least half of your total balance, and you will need to sign a Payment Agreement and return it to our office within 48 hours if the document is emailed. The remaining balance can be billed over a period of up to (6) months, depending upon the balance. You will be responsible for paying your current bill charges, plus the installment amount until you are caught up. The agreement will not be in effect until the down payment and signed agreement has been received in our office. Down payments cannot be split into multiple payments.

For a list of community assistance agencies, click here. These agencies have been identified as potential providers of services that may be able to help our customers who are experiencing a financial hardship. Please visit their websites or give them a call to determine which provider would be the best option for your need.

Our bills are printed on the first of each month; any payments that post after that date will be reflected on the following month’s bill. If you have questions about your balance, contact Customer Service at 803-699-2422 and we can assist you.

You will need to complete a New Customer Form which can be emailed or faxed to you, and return it to our office. Once received we will forward it on to our Billing Department for processing. The tenant would need to contact us so that we can close the account in their name and prepare a final bill.

Currently, we do not charge a fee for our online service. Click here to access our online service.

We are not set up to take payments over the phone however we can offer you several options to pay your bill. If you are unable to pay in our office, you can pay online, mail in your payment, set up auto draft or pay through online banking with your bank.

In order to set up auto draft on your account, you will need to complete a Draft Enrollment Form and provide a voided check. We can fax or email the form to you. It generally takes about one billing cycle for the draft to begin. You will continue to receive paper statements in the mail, which will reflect the date that the draft will be taken from your account.

You will need to contact our office and advise our customer service staff that you would like to stop the auto draft. The information will be passed on to our billing department. It takes at least ONE billing cycle for the draft to stop.

Our payments are processed daily, on the date they are received. With online banking, the payments are not sent electronically. The bank prints paper checks and then mails the checks to us. We recommend scheduling your payments at least (10) days before the due date, to allow sufficient time for us to receive your payment.

Your payment due date is shown on your bill and there is not a grace period for late payments. The late fee is 1.5% of the total balance due. You can set up Auto Draft or pay online so that your payments are received by the due date and you are not charged a late fee.

The $25 charge is a penalty fee that is billed whenever your account balance is delinquent and a certified notification is mailed prior to services being disconnected as required by Public Service Commission Rule R103-535.1. The fee is assessed to help recover the clerical and mailing costs of mailing the notices and will not be waived.

In order to get service at the new location, we will need to have you complete a New Customer Form and provide a copy of the Closing Document/Lease if you are renting the property. You will need to pay any delinquent balances that are due at the time of closing the account. We also require the date you are moving from the current location and final address, so we can close that account and issue a final bill depending on the date that you are moving.

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