We’re connected to Economic Development.

Ni has economic development expertise on staff dedicated to working closely with local, regional and state organizations to attract and retain quality commercial and industrial companies. As a result of our investing tens of millions of private dollars in an extremely cost effective manner, we have millions of gallons of excess wastewater treatment capacity to support the tremendous residential, commercial and industrial growth in our area in an extremely cost effective manner.

Ni has the capability to own, operate and maintain existing wastewater treatment facilities. Composed of a group of wastewater utilities, Ni currently is the largest investor-owned wastewater utility in the state of South Carolina serving nearly 40,000 customers in the South Carolina Midlands region.

By leveraging the parent company’s financing resources in a combination of ways, the company can provide design, engineering, construction, operation and ownership of new wastewater treatment facilities that can accommodate industrial companies across a broad geographic region.

We’re responsive.

The company’s privately-owned structure, deep involvement in economic development opportunities, and ability to flexibly and quickly respond to prospective large customer requests set it apart from any other wastewater utility in the Southeastern United States. Through Pacolet Milliken’s real estate group, Ni can leverage consulting services and potential industrial site development opportunities.

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Andrena Powell-Baker
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